Ukpolitics October survey results

The breakdown of the ~700 responses by party were as follows



Our first question examined the top two reasons out of seven as to why Ed Miliband lost the 2015 referendum.

First, here is the results among all responders:

Ed lost all

Next, the answers only of people who would vote Labour at the next GE:

Ed lost left

And finally, only those who would vote Conservative or UKIP at the next election:

Ed lost right

Some of the difference between left wing and right wing answers are no surprise: lefties think he wasn’t left enough, righties think he wasn’t right enough.

Much more interesting is the view of the media: lefties state that it was the 2nd most important reason, not too far behind the first. In stark contrast, not even one righty stated that it was the most important reason, and very few the second most.

The EU ref is another interesting point: righties put it as 3rd of 7: lefties put it 6 of 7 (with no one at all considering Ed too left to win as 1st or 2nd most important).

Finally, the question should be asked: if even the Labour voters see lack of strength of leadership as the key factor, do they think that Corbyn has fixed this issue? It is hard to argue that he has good control over his MPs, but perhaps that’s not what people mean by a strong leader. In fact, it’s much easier to argue that Corbyn sees himself more of an anti-leader – the first among equals, only there to echo up the opinions of the party membership, rather than being a leader who rules with an iron rod.

Finally, the opinion questions. Starting with four statements that were not very controversial

(a reminder that a 1 means strongly disagree with the statement, 4 neutral, 7 strongly agree)

“I am more intelligent that the average UKpolitics commenter”

“I would be in favour of governments measuring their progress with a combined metric that included GDP, but other factors too, rather than GDP alone”

I think there will be a no-deal brexit”

“Stealing swing voters from other parties is by far the best electoral strategy”

similar answers

Civil partnerships should just be scrapped altogether now that gay people can get married

Civil partnerships

I’d rather spend a year living in Berlin than Boston


It was a fair decision that UK nationals who hadn’t lived in the UK in the last 15 years could not vote in the EU ref

fair eu vote

I would be in favour of a meat tax to help the environment

meat tax


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