UKpolitics 2017 poll results

Voting intention by party, from 3344 respondents:


If there were a second vote tomorrow, how would you vote?


Which would better describe your motivation? That party would be less bad for the country than another party OR That party would be less bad for the country than another party

Con                                                                            Green


Lab                                                                     Lib Dem

SNP                                                                            UKIP


Questions with relatively little difference by party:

“Cocaine should be legal”

“The government should commission more nuclear reactors”

“Jeremy Corbyn should publicly condemn what the Venezuelan government is doing, without a comparison to its opposition”

“It would be better if all faith schools were secularised”

“It was morally wrong for the Lib Dem leadership to vote to raise tuition fees”


Theresa May genuinely thinks the policies she’s enacting will help the majority of people in the UK____

Universities should have the right to un-invite people who have non-violent extremist opinions from speaking on their campus


Nick Clegg achieved more in politics than Nigel Farage


Adoption agencies ought to be allowed to preference cis-couples over two transgender people


Adoption agencies ought to be allowed to preference heterosexual couples____

If my 12 year old child told me they were gender-neutral, I would be completely fine with that


A policy to reduce immigration from muslim-majority countries would fundamentally be based on racism____

The decision on EU membership should never have been put to a public referendum____

The EU is acting unfairly in the brexit negotiations


6 thoughts on “UKpolitics 2017 poll results

  1. bloody loony lefties taking over this sub!

    firstly, a child is INCAPABLE of thinking properly. if your child identifies as gender neutral, you should give him up a wake up call. let your KIDS be KIDS. Let boys be boys and let girls be girls. the pc left have taken over this country. her majesty’s army think words like “mankind” is sexist and are pushing a gender neutral agenda it’s a bloody discrace!

    secondly the EU are taking the mick. we got our country back and we made a SYMBOLIC decision to get rid of the European union on the top of our passports it wasn’t just about the colour! We wanted to give protection to EU citizens in exchange for British citizens rights in the EU and the EU said no but the pc left media won’t cover this. I wonder why?

    a family is most stable under the nuclear family. A man, his woman, and their kids. This is the strongest family. Sociologically proven. kids should be adopted under this policy.

    Nick clegg didn’t achieve anything. He lied about tuition fees. And he promised a referendum on the EU membership in 2006. He failed on his words.


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