Political opinions – March ’17

As usual, /r/ukpolitics answered a few of my questions on a variety of issues, with around 3300 responses.

A reminder: the scale was 1 to 7, 1 strongly disagreeing with the statement, 7 strongly agreeing. In the party splitting, Lab+, LabN and Lab- mean pro-Corbyn, Corbyn neutral and anti-Corbyn respectively.

Firstly, the relatively uncontroversial issues:

  1. It should not be a crime for an 18 year old to sleep with a 15 year old
  2. Ducks make excellent pets
  3. A black person running for PM would face no significant reduction in their chance of winning due to their race
  4. Ecstasy ought to be legal

First four

The remainder of the questions shall be given with a full scale, starting with the smallest distance between the extremes and ending with the largest

We ought to have an elected second chamber in place of the House of Lords

elected 2nd house.jpg

Women are naturally better suited to be primary school teachers than men

Women teachers

I prefer a corrupt politician to an incompetent one

corrupt > incomp

I would be happy if all faith schools were secularised

no faith schools

Corporation tax ought to be abolished

no corp tax

The law should be changed so that spouses of British citizens automatically are given British citizenship


I’m more than 90% certain that Labour will lose the next two general elections

Labour 90

Referendums are a good addition to our democracy


I would be comfortable with my 5 year old child knowing that their teacher was married to a person of the same sex

gay teacher

The number of people going to university should be reduced significantly


Trans women are not real women


I would be comfortable with my 5 year old daughter being taught by a woman wearing a hijab (headscarf with no facial covering)



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