Politicians and political figures – survey results

As usual, I’ll polled the UKpolitics subreddit to find out how they feel about political figures.

I must stress that this particular poll received only ~450 responses, so the only data that I am comfortable stating is accurate within a small margin of error are those of the Lib Dems and Conservatives.

The following five statements received no great difference by party affiliation, so they are here shown as total responses.

Reminder: questions are answered 1 to 7, 1 = strongly disagree; 7 = strongly agree. In later questions, Lb- denotes Labour supporters who are anti- Corbyn, Lb N are Corbyn neutral and Lb + are pro-Corbyn.

“This isn’t a question, just a warning to mobile users that all following questions are 1 to 7, but your screen might only show 1 to 5. Please choose any number (but I recommend not to pick 2).”

not 2.jpg

“The sexual assault charges against Julian Assange are not authentic, and there is almost certainly some governmental foul play going on.”


“On balance, Chairman Mao did more good than harm”


“Corbyn voted Leave”


“The duck meme should be brought to an end”


 The remainder of statements will be shown with party breakdown, from least controversial to most.

“At heart, Hilary Clinton is a good person”


“Gordon Brown did a good job of responding to the financial crisis”


“Jeremy Corbyn supports the IRA”


“Theresa May is a better PM than David Cameron”


“If I were in Germany, I’d vote for Merkel in the upcoming elections”


“Tony Blair left the country in a much better condition than he found it”


“Nicola Sturgeon dislikes the English”


“Bernie Sanders would make a better president than Trump or Hilary”


“Nigel Farage is a racist”


“It would be terrible if Marine Le Pen became president of France”



2 thoughts on “Politicians and political figures – survey results

  1. “Gordon Brown did a good job of responding to the financial crisis”

    And labour-anti-corbyn supporters agree? Don’t you remember what he did when he undersold Britain’s gold. Oh dear oh dear. First time ever the Corbynistas aren’t delusional!


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