/r/ukpolitics 2016 survey results

Apparently Christmas time is a good time to put up a poll: previously, I’ve only ever got a little over 1000 results, but yesterday’s survey got over 6700.


Firstly, the boring results. Four of the questions did not produce any significant variation by party, so I’ve simply put them on a table here to read. Remember, 1 = strongly disagreed with the statement, 4 = neither agreed nor disagreed, 7 = strongly agreed.

The statements were:

  • Sending people to Mars is a good use of resources
  • If a train were coming down a track and was going to hit a middle aged man, who was a bit of a dick, I’d pull a level to divert it to another track where it would hit 100 ducks

  • Robots are very likely to cause mass unemployment in the next 100 years

  • Although loneliness amongst the elderly is a problem, the government can’t really do much about it


 Now, the pretty results:

I don’t have any doubt that climate change is real and that humans are causing it


If my daughter married a reasonably religious muslim, I’d be concerned


I’m disappointed how little the environment ever gets mentioned in British politics


Farage’s ‘breaking point’ poster was morally wrong


Most gay men aren’t any more effeminate than straight men, it’s just media stereotypes and confirmation bias that makes people think otherwise


Although obviously there were dark parts to it, I think on the whole we should be proud of the history of the British Empire


Women are naturally less interested in politics than men


Farage deserves at least a small portion of the blame for Jo Cox’s death


I think Britain will suffer from a Trump presidency


I am uncomfortable with the idea of future geneticists creating a baby using the DNA of two men


Although some people may get a bit carried away with it, PC culture doesn’t actually cause any real problems


A Brexit outcome that kept freedom of movement would not fulfil the spirit of the Leave vote


I’d support the idea to ban advertising from public spaces, like they’ve done in Sao Paulo


Someone who’s four grandparents were Pakistani, but who was born in Britain and whose parents were born in Britain, is 100% British


Feminism has gone too far



4 thoughts on “/r/ukpolitics 2016 survey results

  1. Just goes to show how deluded the green party supporters are. Who cares about the environment when OUR JOBS are being taken away by IMMIGRANTS. These people want OPEN BORDERS (they’re not against freedom of movement) for EU MIGRANTS. They put how green our gardens are over OUR COUNTRY.


    • You’re a troll surely.

      It’s nothing to do with the greenness of gardens, it’s about stopping climate change from making the planet uninhabitable.

      Survival of the human race is more important than your job.


  2. One further point I would like to make, it is a total abomination of the human race that we are allowing TWO MEN to be the genetic parents of our future generation. It is an absolute disgrace to the BRITISH TRADITIONAL VALUES. A child is best raised with a mother and father. Who knows what kind of Y-linked chromosomal genetic abnormalities will arise because of these stupid doctors allowing this to happen. It’s against every ethical standard in the Code of Ethics. Disgraceful.


  3. Nicely done. Does it tell us anything new though? Some further analysis would be welcomed.

    Also, it would be worth pointing out that reddit is traditionally a more left leaning platform, which is bound to skew results somewhat (although I think it has become more and more centrist/ right over the last five years).


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