Political and social attitudes survey results

Last week I put up a survey and 830 people gave their views on a series of political and social attitudes. Although it was not intended as such, the questions actually clumped into groups, so each of their results will be displayed together for comparison.

As a reminder, statements were given and responders give answers from 1 to 7, whether they strongly disagreed (1) or strongly agreed (7).

Another reminder, people who said they would vote Labour were split according to feeling towards Corbyn, noted here as pro-Corbyn (Lab+), Corbyn neutral (LabN) and anti-Corbyn (Lab-).

Set 1

The three statements here were:

“I would like immigration to be reduced to lower than 100,000 per year”

“People who say they don’t like Islam are likely to also be racists”

“I would feel more comfortable if an African Christian family moved in next door than an Asian Muslim one”



Set 2

“I would feel more uncomfortable seeing two men make out on the seat in front of me on the bus than if it were a man and a woman”

“If I had a gay son, I would be significantly more uncomfortable if he were very effeminate rather than bloke-y”



Set 3

“Consent classes for university students probably lower the amount of rape.”

“If I were in a club and a female friend came to me crying because someone pinched her bum, I’d think she was over-reacting”



Set 4

“Remain-supporting MPs who now say that we ought to end freedom of movement are respecting democracy, and it’s unfair to label them as doing anything to grab votes”

“I feel optimistic about our country in the next 5 years”



Set 5

“I would pay an extra 20% for energy if it were completely green”

“If I were PM, fighting climate change would be in my top 5 priorities”

CC set.jpg

Set 6

“Ed Miliband would have made a good PM”

“Tony Blair was a good PM”

“David Cameron was a good PM”

“I would consider voting Labour in 2025 if they had a centrist leader”

“I would consider voting UKIP in 2025”



Misc set

“Left wing people tend to be kinder than right wing people”

“I am confident I know who was Labour leader before Tony Blair”

“Ecstasy should be legalised”

“I would accept a free £5 even if it meant that a duck had to die”



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