Controversial Politics Survey results

Last night’s survey was a little quieter than usual, with just under 600 responses. Unfortunately, that meant that neither the SNP nor the Greens had enough responses to make it onto the results sheet today.

There were 11 questions asked, of which 5 saw a smaller range than 1.5 in between the highest and lowest average answer per party, so they will be displayed just in table form. The 6 more controversial questions have the normal format, where Lab+ means Pro-Corbyn Labour, LabN is Corbyn neutral, and Lab- is anti-Corbyn. Once again, a reminder than 1 means strongly disagree and 7 strongly agree. Enjoy.


It is possible for an adult to significantly increase their base intelligence.”



If I really had to answer the trolley problem, and chose to pull the level to save 1000 lives at the cost of one, I would still feel a certain amount of guilt for being responsible for the death of that one person.”


Thinking about the person I care most about in my life, I’d accept my non-dominant hand being removed instead of their non-dominant thumb.”


I’d be comfortable living and raising a family next to a nuclear power plant.”

nuclear power

If I really were given the choice to become PM, despite all the hours, stress and responsibility, I would take the job.”


And now, for the 6 issues that divided groups a bit more, in order of increasing division:

There is a worrying level of sexism and homophobia amongst British Muslims compared to the rest of the population.”

Hom & Se

I would go hungry for 24 hours to save the lives of 24 ducks.”


There are a significant number of situations in our society where it is much more difficult to be male.”


If Scotland voted for independence then its economy suffered significantly, I’d feel a certain amount of schadenfreude.”


It is preferable for an adoption agency to favour an opposite sex couple over a same sex couple.”


If I were PM and Russia fired nuclear missiles at us, I would fire back, knowing that millions of innocents would die.”