Abstract philosophy survey results

So I put up an abstract political philosophy survey on Reddit yesterday, and got over 1300 replies to 9 questions.

I have decided to show them on a net percentage scale, i.e. if 80% choose blue and 20% choose yellow, the overall marker will be on 60% towards blue.

N.b. for ease of reading, the end points vary among 25, 50, 75 and 100.

You are walking down the street and a genie appears from behind a bush. It presents you with ten cardboard boxes, 9 of which contain £10,000,000 and one of which contains your instant, painless death. What do you do?


A genie (another) appears and offers you a choice. Either the genie will donate £1000 to starving children in a third world country, and £10,000 to a political group advocating that vaccinations cause autism, or neither group will get the money.

You are a judge. You are presented with 5 men, 4 of whom have each murdered one person, and 1 who is totally innocent. You have divine knowledge that the murderers will not murder again if they are freed, but you are also unaware of who the innocent man is, and there is no way to find out. The sentence for murder is 30 years in prison. What is your sentence?
Con jail


green jail


Lab minus









Lab N 

Lab plus jail


LD jail


UKIP jail.jpg




















You are standing on a bridge over a railway track. You see a runaway train coming down the track towards two people tied to it. You can reach a lever that would divert the train onto an off-flow track, with only one person tied to it. What do you do?

Unfortunately, the results were too tight to clearly display, so they are as follows:


You are a soldier dealing with a terrorist cell in a foreign country. You have captured a 12 year old who knows about a bomb that will be set of tomorrow and kill 2 people. The child has been brainwashed into keeping the secret of the bomb. You have divine knowledge that if you torture the child, you will get the knowledge and be able to stop the bomb on time. What do you do?

You have been made governor of the Bank of England and the chancellor asks you which of his two economic plans you recommend. The first will increase the average income of the poor by £300, and of the richest 5% by £10,000, which will not be taxable income. The second raises the wages of the poor by £100, and the rich will have no increase. Which budget do you suggest?

You are visiting a city and see an injured duck. Your train home only runs once every 4 hours. If you phone the animal rescue, you will miss your train in 10 minutes and you will have to wait at the station for the next one. If you leave the duck, it will die overnight.


You are at war. Deciphering an intercepted code, you learn two things about your enemy. A single spot in their defence will be at its weakest in ten days, and they will attack one of your cities in five days. What do you do?


You are the head of a campaign for a presidential candidate. You have been called into court to testify about your boss. You know she has been part of a scandal covering up child abuse , but also you divinely know that the country will be significantly better off if she wins. If you tell the truth she will lose; if you lie, it will be a closed case and justice will never be done. No one will ever know that you lied except your boss.
Truth or lie

Raw data can be found here.




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