Theresa May vs Jeremy Corbyn

In a survey on the UK politics subreddit, over 1100 respondents gave their opinion on whether Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn would be better for the country on a selection of variables. The responses have been separated by party and depicted below.

1 = Much better under May, 2 = somewhat better under May, 3 = a little better under May, 4 = about the same, 5 = a little better under Corbyn, 6 = somewhat better under Corbyn, 7 = much better under Corbyn

In the party guide, Lab- = anti-Corbyn, LabN = Corbyn neutral, Lab+ = pro-Corbyn


Economic equality

Econ eq

Social equality

Soc eq

Economic growth

Econ growth

Education standards


The environment


Protection from terrorism


A strong Brexit deal




Average of the 8 factors

average of 8


If you would like to see the full results, click here.


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