Labour support for Corbynite policies

Yesterday, I published a short poll asking people on the Labour subreddit how they felt about a number of Jeremy Corbyn’s policies, to determine whether the claim that Corbyn was the problem more than his policies were true.

Below, I’ve changed my previous colour scheme for ease of reading, and we can imagine someone asking a four-year-old what they think of Corbyn and answering with trafic lights, i.e. the green is the pro-Corbyn group, yellow the neutrals, and red the anti-Corbyn group. So it definitely was not a subliminal attempt to paint the anti group as the ‘true Labour’, before I receive such an accusation.

As a reminder of the scale: 1 = very bad idea, 2 = bad idea, 3 = a little bit of a bad idea, 4 = neither good nor bad idea, 5 = a little bit of a good idea, 6 = a good idea, 7 = a very good idea


Railways should be nationalised

Rail nationalisation

HS2 should be scrapped


Diplomacy with Hamas and Hezbollah helps the peace process

Ham n hez.jpg

Trident should be scrapped

scrap tri.jpg

The UK should not bomb ISIS in Syria

no syria.jpg

The Falkland islands should have “some degree of joint administration”


We should impose an arms embargo on Israel


Nuclear power should be banned

nuclear power

The energy companies should be nationalised

nationalise energy.jpg

The coal mines should be reopened


A maximum wage should be introduced

max wage

Britain should be a republic


“We should be adult and grown up and decriminalise cannabis”


If you would like to see the graphs of the original data, you can do so here 




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